How To Use Concrete Gravel Boards And Improve Your Garden Space

British Summer is around the corner which means spending more time in your garden! Picture this, you’ve just sat down with a cold drink in the sun when you notice that your garden fence is starting to rot from the ground up… Not the view you had in mind. But don’t throw that drink away yet, there’s a solution to protecting your fence panels and keeping your garden space clean  – Concrete Gravel Boards.


What are Concrete Gravel Boards?

Concrete gravel boards are long, flat pieces of concrete typically used for creating a stable and weed-resistant base for fences, patios, and garden features.


How Do Concrete Gravel Boards Protect My Garden?

Gravel boards act as a physical barrier, stopping weeds and unwanted grass from creeping in and stealing nutrients from your plants.

Worried about uneven borders or sunken pathways? Gravel boards provide a sturdy and stable edge, preventing soil erosion and maintaining the level of your garden features.


How To Install Concrete Gravel Boards

Plan Your Layout – Mark the outline of your desired layout using string or spray paint.

Trench Time – Dig a trench along the marked lines, ensuring it’s deep enough to accommodate the gravel board and some sub-base material (crushed stone or gravel) for stability.

Sub-Base Support – Fill the trench with a compacted layer of crushed stone or gravel to create a stable foundation.

Secure the Boards – Place the gravel boards securely within the trench, ensuring they are level and create a clean edge for your garden features.

Backfill and Finish – Fill the gap between the gravel board and the surrounding soil with compacted material to secure the boards in place.

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Transform Your Garden

By incorporating concrete gravel boards into your garden design, you can create a more organised, low-maintenance and visually appealing outdoor space.

Gravel Boards are a practical and cost-effective solution for a variety of gardening challenges, allowing you to spend less time battling your garden and more time enjoying it.

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