Gravel Boards

MET Concrete are suppliers of high quality, durable concrete gravel boards in Essex.

6 inch Gravel Board

Shield your fence from rot and moisture with our 6 inch concrete gravel boards. Built from reinforced concrete.

12 inch Gravel Board

Supports and stabilises taller fences, our 12 inch concrete gravel board offers an even stronger foundation.

Why choose Gravel Boards from MET Concrete Supplies

Long-lasting and durable

Our gravel boards are made from strong reinforced concrete built to last.

Prevents wood rot

Gravel boards keep your fence panels elevated, protecting them from moisture and rotting.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wooden ones, our concrete gravel boards require no regular treatment or staining.


MET Concrete gravel boards are designed and built to suit your fence design.


Thinking of ordering concrete gravel boards? Here's some more information:

Gravel boards are flat panels, usually made of concrete in our case, that are installed at the base of a fence. They create a barrier between the fence posts and the ground, preventing the wood from directly contacting moisture and promoting rot. Learn More.

  • Prevents wood rot and extends fence lifespan.
  • Low maintenance – no need for staining or treatment.
  • Durable and long-lasting – resists cracking, warping, and insect damage.

A 6-inch board is suitable for most standard wooden fences. A 12-inch board offers additional stability for heavier or taller fences, or areas with strong winds.

No, concrete gravel boards require no special treatment.